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A Few Details About Us

Wondering what kind of people work for gotwebsite1?
You will be surprised!

We are a collection of IT and web wizards that come from many different backgrounds. Some of us come from the best schools around for web development such as the Flatiron school while others of us are web master gurus - self taught and trained in the most esoteric arts of the web industry.

We thrive as a team collaborating from the beginning to the end of each new project together and celebrate as a team when the job is done and you are happy with the results. We enjoy working with you on a 1 on 1 setting and are happy to offer training and other web education as needed.

Web Masters at your finger tips!

In-House Team

Our team works together on site and have resources to other team specialists live with high-tech communications software.

Work with the web designer 1 on 1

When designing a website you will often have many questions that need answering and we are always ready to help.

Time efficient and cost effective

Being able to communicate directly with the staff you will arrive at solutions quicker and save time and money.

Tap into the hidden realm of profit from the unseen market with SEO

Our state of the art technologies puts your business in the eye of the mainstream public or any large city or demographic you choose.

Our Philosophy

ZEN Philosophy in creation

1. Do one thing at a time. 2.Do it slowly and deliberately. 3. Do it completely. - Pretty simple.

By working in a creative and methodological way our team makes sure the end result is just want you want.

Over Reaching our goals

Over reaching our goals is something
standard we do at gotwebsite1.com because we aim to be number 1 on the top of the pile
where it really counts
and where profit is made.

The Feng Shui

We engage in the harmonizing everyone viewing your website with every element in the website's construction with harmony and balance so that the vistor makes a smooth decision effortlessly as if moved by the wind.

Other Perks

Recieve Discounts

Get a discount on all web services or get coupons for services for up to three months by recommending other people to us. When we get a new customer from your referreral expect some free SEO.

Customer Support 24/7

We understand that a website is an important thing for a business and will always be ready to help in emergency situations if there is a bug or security issue affecting the business flow.

Screen Share

Many times it is difficult to describe what you need in words because frankly language can be a messy thing so we offer screen sharing to help convey exactly what you need.

Ask for a free quote!

We can give you examples of new websites for your business.

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